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I'm living my best life...I'm not going back and forth with you folks.

Three pieces of crucial advice for those who are ready to walk in their full power this year. (Published in The Unleashed Voice Magazine March 2019)

I am a medium and a minister. I believe in Osun and Jesus. I possess a cross and crystals. I take communion in church and give offerings to the river. I believe in God and I believe that a Goddess dwells within me. Some people will be confused by this and call me a heretic while others will find this admission liberating and consider me a hero. Either way, I will live. 2018 was the year I released all the “damns” I had left to give. I am walking into 2019 with a fresh anointing, new energy, and more power than I’ve ever felt.

Here are three crucial pieces of advice for those who are ready to walk in their full power this year.

1. Leave all your “damns” at the door of 2018:

When the clock struck midnight going into 2018, I left behind every “damn” I had left to give. I knew I would have to do this if I was going to finally operate in the likeness and image of God. I have been a real estate agent, a guidance counselor, and a professor. I have also been a receptionist, a barista, and a camp counselor. Even while working all of these jobs, I practiced mediumship. While I didn’t practice in hiding, I certainly did not go around speaking about my unusual gift of being able to communicate with the departed. Several months ago, I went to get a massage, and while filling out the new client paperwork, on the line of the questionnaire that asks for your profession, I wrote down professor. After the massage, the therapist who also specializes in Reiki said that my throat chakra was blocked. I was appalled, thinking, “how is this possible when I talk all day?” She said, “You may talk, but are you telling the truth.” I realized that there still was one truth I had left to tell. I am a medium, and it was time to tell the world about who and what God was calling me to do which is to bring healing, closure, and peace to others. God wants us to live in truth and freedom in every area of our lives. Free from doubt, fear, and anxiety. Free from the expectations, judgment, and envy of others. John 8:36 tells us, “He who the son sets free is free indeed.” You have already been set free so do not choose to return to bondage by loading your spirit with the things that will weigh you down and delay your destiny. Began making a list of things that you feel you are holding you back from achieving your life’s dream and leave them at the threshold of 2018.

2. Get Free or Die Trying:

I was having a conversation with Emmy winning songwriter and artist B. Slade about why people choose to stay in situations that no longer serve them but drain them emotionally, financially, mentally, and spiritually when he simply said, “Some people prefer familiar bondage over foreign freedom.” I felt like he punched me in the stomach because the truth of his words resonated in my soul. I had been that person trapped in an abusive situation and fearing the worst would happen if I decided to leave. But one day, sitting on the cold bathroom floor with my abuser standing on the other side of the door, threatening my life and declaring I would die the moment I emerged, I had a choice to make. I said to God, “I don’t want to die” and I heard God say, “Why? You ain’t been living!” I decided I had too much purpose left in me to die that day. My life had been paid for by the blood of Jesus, and here I was wasting it trying to make a jealous and insecure person feel whole. I hadn’t caused that pain, and they were responsible for their emotional health. I had been called to this world to bring healing to the feminine perspective but had been selfishly unfocused and unconsciously distracted. That day I decided I would get free or die trying. I prayed and told God that if I were allowed to walk away from this situation, I would spend everyday living and serving in my purpose. That was three years ago. I have kept that promise.

3. Stop caring what others think and stop thinking that others care:

As a medium, I am surrounded by departed souls who have left the earthly plane, and every spiritual reading reminds me that it is inevitable that we will one day join our loved ones in heaven, but until then we are commanded to live this life to the fullest. My Bishop, O.C. Allen, once said, “Your greatest deliverance will be from the opinion of others.” Many people spend their lives stuck in fear of what others think about them. They stay trapped in jobs, loveless marriages, passionless relationships, unfulfilling friendships, or spiritless churches because they allow society to dictate how they should live their lives. We are conditioned to project happiness on social media but then suffer in silence in our real lives. Guess what? Life is short and the older you get, the more you realize that the only opinion of your life that matters is yours.

Rapper Lil Duval inspired many of us with his summer hit, “Smile” that climbed to number one on the Billboard charts. In the song, he affirms he is living his best life, but the condition is he is no longer distracted by or giving energy to people who are not aligned with his purpose. If you want to live in your full power and potential, you now have everything you need to truly make 2019 your best year ever.

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