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Lakara and her Gift has Blessed me tremendously!! She just sowed so much happiness into my life!! Thank you.-Quintrice Jackson 

" I called in.  My name is Danielle.  I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you for all that you do!  I'm gonna take the information and run with it!  Thank you for that Peace of mind!-Danielle











I was referred to Lakara by my therapist and was excited to book an appointment. 

Since my mom's passing 6 months earlier, I've always felt her presence and the session with Lakara was to serve as confirmation. But, I wasn't prepared for the rapid-fire onslaught of messages I received. 

With astounding and shocking detail, Lakara was able to tap into mom's spirit and literally relay one specific message after another. I was overcome with emotion at several points  and was very moved to see that Lakara was too. Not only can she dictate what she sees and hears, she also empathizes on a very deep level. It felt so raw and real because it was. 

I left feeling light, elated even joyful. And because I recorded the session, I can go back and relive truly one of the most ethereal, most spiritual moments of my life. My husband cried profusely when I played it for him. So powerful!

I am truly grateful to Lakara. She has a pure and rare gift I'm so happy to have access to. Make your appointment. You won't regret it!

-Marchet' Sparks 

(Owner of Le'Petite Marchet')



2018 was probably the roughest year I have encountered since I watched my sister pass. Inside I felt defeated broken lost and confused. Lakara and I had talked before about her gifts and I was very much intrigued by it and could relate since I have my own gifts. I lost my sister at age 18 and last year I lost my very close friend/brother. After attending his funeral I began to question my life. Out the blue I decided while at work I wanted to do a reading so I inboxed Lakara.  She said she was booked and only opening she had was that same day so I took the slot. I was nervous at first but my spirit was heavy and discouraged. I didn’t know what she would say or how things would go. Immediately she told me I was surrounded by the number 3 which I later looked up and meant I was on verge of something big. Then my friend came thru and told me he knows I had been questioning myself and that I need to go back to having fun and enjoying life because I work too much.... crazy thing is Chris motto was LIVE because his name was Victory.... I started to cry bc he was right. I have isolated myself and I don’t really do anything but WORK... then my sister came thru and that’s when I just broke down. Y’all don’t know how much I miss my sister she was my mom to me. She told me how proud of me she was and how she knew I had named my daughter after her. Things got even more real when we discussed her daughter and she wanted me to tell her she was sorry. Both of my loved ones wanted me to share my experience with those in my circle bc it was a healing message that needed to be heard. I didn’t plan on telling anyone because I didn’t want ppl to think I was crazy but I couldn’t hold my peace. I talked to my niece and my friends wife and the tears didn’t stop. The messages brought some peace to all our hearts. I know this is a long testimony but I had to let people know that “The Gift” brings healing for your sorrows and pains. I have suffered for years with depression since losing my sister. But God will send a ram in the bush and that ram is Lakara Foster’s “The Gift” I needed this motivation because my spirit had been crippled by grief and anxiety. “The Gift” gave me the strength and courage I needed to pick up my mat and walk for all things work for our good. Much love and appreciation Lakara and I’m excited about your future and all the lives that will be changed through “The Gift”.

-Priscilla BeyondlimitationsCeo Burrell


I booked my reading with Lakara because I was really feeling lost. My father passed away in August 2016 and he was my best friend.  Then, exactly nine months later, I lost my greatest community cheerleader. I felt like a ship adrift in a storm at sea. Nothing was coming together for me and I was feeling defeated. I had even begun to question if I was truly living in my calling.  In my reading, my father came through as I knew he would. Lakara told me to "Stay laser-focused on what you are doing. Things are going to open up for you." What Lakara gave me in that reading were what I call spiritual signposts, mile markers, and breadcrumbs.  Things have turned around for me and I will be forever grateful for that reading with Lakara and those spiritual signposts. 


My reading with Lakara Foster was my first experience with a psychic medium, and proved to be a wonderful experience.  Lakara quickly, and without prompting from me, focused on the areas that I was most hopeful I would receive answers and clarification for my peace of mind.


Lakara has a gift, which I respect, and the ability to help a person resolve issues in their life that can not be accomplished in a traditional way.  


David,  Winnetka, IL

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